Therapeutic Placement

For many students, psychological or behavioral difficulties are getting in the way of forward movement and success. This includes adolescents who are not thriving in school or disrupting life at home, young adults who are not reaching the same milestones of independence as their peers, or students who have attempted college only to have failed and returned to a life of dependence and lack of productivity. Regardless of the issues at hand, students who are stuck in a cycle of failure often need the help and respite of a therapeutic school or program. Out of home placements are typically considered for students who are not responding to treatment in an out-patient setting. Academic Options is experienced in determining the appropriateness of this kind of placement and guiding families to the school or programs that best meets the needs of each student.

Therapeutic placement can be in the form of:

  • Medical Model Assessment Programs
  • Outdoor Behavioral Health Program (Wilderness Program)
  • Emotional Growth or Therapeutic Boarding School
  • Residential Treatment Center
  • Transitional Independent Living/Young Adult Program (also see Post-Secondary Placement)

Crisis Management

When an adolescent or young adult is making poor peer choices, struggling in school, defiant at home, or displaying self-defeating behaviors, the time to act is now. When it is determined that a student is in danger, the situation becomes a crisis. During those times, Academic Options will be available to make a placement within 24-48 hours and guide parents through what is, inevitably, a tenuous and difficult time.