Special Needs Summer Placement

A safe, fun, and clinically sound residential summer experience is hard to find for students with special needs. Academic Options consultants are uniquely qualified to evaluate a child's needs and match them to summer programs that provide personal growth while ensuring a fun and safe experience. As a clinical and educational consulting practice specializing in students with learning, attentional, and social deficits, Academic Options can help.

Why consider a special needs summer placement?

  • Students can find a place where they truly fit in.
  • Students can make friendships that will last beyond the summer.
  • Students can work on the social, attentional, or impulse control deficits that often cause them difficulty in school.
  • Students can spread their wings by trying new activities, tasting new foods, seeing new places, and meeting new people.
  • Students can learn to be more independent.
  • Students can get a break from the routine of the academic or social world they often find very stressful.
  • Parents can have a much needed respite knowing that their child is thriving in a fun, safe, and productive learning environment.