Therapeutic Placement

For many students, psychological or behavioral difficulties are getting in the way of forward movement and success. Regardless of the issues at hand, students who are stuck in a cycle of failure often need the help and respite of a therapeutic school or program. Out of home placements are typically considered for students who are not responding to treatment in an out-patient setting. More Information

Post-Secondary Placement

Not every student is ready, or appropriate, for a traditional college experience immediately following high school. Luckily, this is such a common circumstance that there are dozens of programs throughout the country that serve these students. More Information

Special Needs Boarding School

A parent’s first choice is to find a local day school that meets the needs of their child who is struggling academically or socially. Unfortunately, there are times when those needs cannot be met by the limited choices near home. In these cases, a student may be best served in a boarding school that specializes in serving students with learning disabilities, attentional issues, or social skills deficits. More Information

Summer Placement

A safe, fun, and clinically sound residential summer experience is hard to find for students with special needs. Academic Options consultants are uniquely qualified to evaluate a child’s needs and match them to summer programs that provide personal growth while ensuring a fun and safe experience. More Information